Krellian was conceived by Ben Francis in 2007 and has been trading as a consultancy service in the UK since October 2011.

The services provided include user & task analysis, user-centered web app design, agile web app development and usability testing.

Krellian also sponsors open source development of emerging web technologies at webian.org and is committed to developing products and services which push forward the open web.

Krellian is a trading name of Ben Francis, who is currently the sole proprietor of the business. Ben has an engineering Masters degree in Computer Interactive Systems from the University of Birmingham in the UK and has been working with web technologies for nearly a decade.

The business is currently based in the rural Lincolnshire market town of Stamford. This location is well connected, being a 10 minute walk from the local train station with a direct train to Cambridge and the Silicon Fen, less than a mile from the A1 and 194ft from the local telephone exchange and the information superhighway!