Smart Building Consulting

for Facilities Managers

If you could wave a magic wand and find out anything about your building, what would you want to know?

A wireframe representation of a multi-storey building with different services such as heating, lighting and security shown running through the building
  1. Tell us what you would like to monitor or control in your building, or what targets you are aiming to meet
  2. We will survey your building management systems and develop a strategy to securely connect your building to the Web of Things
  3. We can then provide bespoke analytics, software and services to give you real-time insights and help you reach your goals

BMS Consolidation

Consolidate multi-vendor building management systems into a single standardised interface.

IoT Retrofit

Install additional sensors, actuators and gateways in your building to fill in the gaps left by your BMS.

Data Visualisation

From a simple graph to an interactive 3D digital twin of a whole building, get the real-time insights you need.

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Web of Things Consulting

for IoT developers

The Web of Things is to the Internet of Things what the World Wide Web is to the Internet.

The Web of Things gives URLs to physical devices in the real world to make them linkable, provides a data model to describe them and a communication protocol to interact with them.

It is a unifying application layer for the Internet of Things, linking together multiple underlying IoT protocols using existing web technologies.

A block diagram showing the Web of Things as a layer on top of other IoT protocols like BACnet, Modbus and MQTT

As the UK's leading experts on the Web of Things, Krellian can help you understand the latest W3C WoT standards, and implement them in your project, product or service.

Web Thing

Implement a bespoke web thing, or bridge an existing IoT device to the web.

Thing Directory

Implement a directory to manage a collection of web things.

WoT Consumer

Implement an app or service which monitors and controls web things.

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