TV displaying COVID-19 social distancing information

Safely get your business going again as the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted.

Safeguard and reassure staff and customers with hassle-free digital signage.

Krellian Box

The box that turns any TV into a connected digital sign.

Simple and affordable.

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Step 1

Plug the Krellian Box into any HD TV or monitor.

HDMI plug
Step 2

Create content using the web-based tool of your choice (e.g. Google Slides).

Google Slides
Step 3

Deploy your content to the screen by simply copying and pasting its URL.

Krellian Box user interface


Effectively communicate your coronavirus social distancing measures to keep people safe.


Reassure staff and customers to give them the confidence to work and shop.


Update information remotely so you don't need to be physically present at each signage location.

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